State of the art cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Image showing Modulus App Mockup


Since 1997, Modulus has provided advanced technology products and services to clients including The NASDAQ Stock Market, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America to name a few.

Our Contribution

Mobile App Development
White label Development
Strategy + Innovation
Image showing functions of Modulus

Realtime Trading at lightining speed

Modulus allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in realtime at a very quick pace. We used latest technologies and a modern software architecture to ensure that trades happen smoothly without any hiccups.
Image showing security and auth functions of Modulus

Tight integrations for better security

Every finance related app needs the top of the line security and that’s what we’ve done. The app requires authentication to process any buy/sell trades via Google Authenication and in-built authentication logic that ensures maximum safety.
Image showing Bitrus Exchange App screen
Bitrus Exchange APP ICON
Bitrus Exchange
Image showing Modulus App
Image showing Cryptosa App screen
Cryptosa  APP ICON

One for all white label solution

Modulus’s vision was to create a white-label product that would spawn several other crypto apps using their technology and data-architecture. This allowed several apps to be released on play stores worldwide.
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