September 16, 2013

Getting ready for iOS


Apple’s iOS 7 is going to be out very soon. And we have seen from past experience how fast the iOS users move to newer versions as soon as they are released. When iOS 6 was released, more than 60% of iOS users updated to the newer version within a week of its launch. This can be a cause of huge concern for a lot of App owners. Is your app ready for iOS 7? iOS 7 is a radical redesign featuring a completely re-imagined UI, new APIs and a bunch of fresh features. Unless you want your App to appear as outdated as a flip phone, you should be updating your app right *now*.

The key questions to consider are:

  • How do I ensure the user experience of my apps will be as good (or better)?
  • Will any regressions be introduced by the changes that affect the usability, functionality or stability?
  • How will I know if users are experiencing problems in my upgraded app?
  • Are there any new APIs introduced in iOS 7 that can help take my App to the next level?

After spending significant time with iOS 7, several top developers have provided advice on how to make the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

At minimum:

  • Confirm your existing app runs properly in the new environment.
  • Ensure your content should extend to the very edges of the screen.
  • Avoid heavy gradients and buttons.
  • Incorporate white space wherever possible.
  • Use the iOS 7 system fonts, as they make the text easy to read and appealing across all screen sizes.
  • Be aware that the new iOS places a great deal of emphasis on text and users reading information vs. presenting it with graphs and colors.

If you have an App on the App Store and have not considered the implications of iOS 7 on your Apps, we suggest you do that now. And who better than Inspeero to take care of that for you. We are always happy to hear from you, whatever your queries may be. We can be reached at

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