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A glimpse at our FunFridays!

Fun Friday is an initiative taken by Inspeero to promote “Fun at work”.

Every month we celebrate Birthdays and Work Anniversaries through cake cutting, playing some fun filled games often followed by Team dinner.



Its not just about delicious food, Fun Fridays refresh our minds from routine work, facilitating informal interactions across teams.

Needless to say, it also aids in great bonding, ultimately building a stronger Inspeero Team.






HR Trends in Startups

“ You don’t build the business, you build people. And then people build the business”.

Indeed ! The power of people is such that when provided with favorable working condition, they can help the company to grow exponentially within a short period of time.

Looking at how volatile the Indian startup industry is, Human Resource professionals plays a very crucial role in helping Businesses to build their core team and ensuring employees remain with them.

Its therefore imperative to develop HR […]

Fun & Celebrations at Work!

December is considered to be the month of Occasions! These occasions specifically Christmas & New Year’s are a great way to bring all members of office together and celebrate through gifts, contests, food and decorations. These celebrations also helps in effectively managing and improving employee morale. When we encourage our employees to have fun, it seems to directly impact their productivity and sense of belongingness to the firm.

Considering the above, we had organized a small event on 23rd December […]