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An Insight on Fresher’s Hiring in Technology startups

Today, “Technology sector” is continuously buzzing with new developments in skills as well as jobs. With “Start-ups” representing a dynamic eco-system, people are expected to be highly active, performing multiple tasks and be ready to face new challenges every time.

So Why do we hire freshers?

Freshers i.e. the young millennial – are tech savvy, highly enthusiastic, with better grasping power and fresh perspective and they also contribute to the organizational diversity. Their freshness and energy affects others too and keep […]

Our experience with Campus Recruitment (2016)

A common perception many people have is that recruiters spend most of their time going through applications and interviewing candidates to fill roles. Surprisingly, in case of campus recruitment our days are always different and challenging – and they include things that you probably might not know are part of the recruitment role.
To sustain in today’s market scenario, organizations are seeking knowledgeable professionals to fill up their right positions which leads to a “Talent War”. And thus comes the […]