August 26, 2016

All work and no play makes Jack a dull Boy!

The above mentioned proverb is very true in today’s work environment. To achieve our individual and Organizational goal, we get involved so much in our work that we forget the fun of our living.

There are several hazards of working in an organization with no work-life balance. Someone has rightly said “The mind’s constitution is such that it can work for a longer time but at the same time it is also necessary to have a balance of work and recreation to keep the mind stable”. Recreation activities are very important as it helps employees remain stress free, enjoy their work, socialize with their colleagues and most importantly keeps the employees happy and loyal towards their organisation.

We, at Inspeero, have always strived to establish a work environment which is friendly and welcoming with special emphasis on work - life balance of our Employees. One such effort was done recently when owing to Friendship Day on 8th August and Independence day on 15th August, we had a small event planned to celebrate both the events on a single day. We played Secret Santa in office, friendship bands were tied. We celebrated 70th Independence day by playing games and having fun and food together. Here’s hoping for many more celebrations together with the team in the near future.

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