August 13, 2018

A successful Campus Drive at Vasantdada Patil College of Engineering, Mumbai !

We all know, Technology sector is rapidly growing and evolving. To keep abreast with the new technological developments, hiring freshers forms an important recruitment strategy. Freshers are filled with dynamic energy, new ideas, they are more technologically advanced, have wide knowledge gained during their course and they also have a high tendency to grasp things quickly.

To avail such talent, Companies and Institutes use Campus Drives as a means for quick placements of freshers. The advantage being the availability of large talent pool under one roof and the opportunity to close many positions within less time, thus expediting the recruitment process.

“Inspeero Technology” being a rapidly growing Technology startup, needs such dynamic workforce that can go an extra mile to achieve goals.

To fulfill our recruitment needs of hiring fresh talent, Campus recruitment drives form an essential part of our hiring process. It helps us to fill numerous positions simultaneously, thus saving time and recruitment costs.
For this reason, a Campus Drive, in collaboration with Profound Edutech was conducted on 7th June 2018 at PPVCOE. The drive was specifically organized for us to hire Fresh Software Engineers.

For a Recruitment Drive to be successful, below key points should be considered.
As any other event, a lot of planning is involved to conduct a Recruitment Drive. Planning in terms of
Date – Drive should be held on a date which promises maximum students availability for participation.
Time - Timing plays a vital role. In our case, this was the first recruitment drive right after final exams so the number of participants and quality was relatively good.


Venue that is well known and easily accessible to all ensures maximum students’ footfall.

Target Audience

Whether to reach IT / Non IT students, location specific students or percentage cut off limit for participation should be planned in order to reach a Targeted Audience.

Marketing and Promotional activities

For any event to be successful, reaching the masses is important. A constructive marketing and promotional plan would lead to better publicity. This can be achieved by

- Collaborating with Training Institutes and college TPOs to inform maximum number of students.
- Using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. as new means to reach the millennial.
- Job sites can also be used to maximize the reach.
- All this helped us in getting 250+ footfall for our Recruitment Drive.

Miscellaneous preparations
Preparing multiple question paper sets to avoid cheating and availability of Xerox machine to facilitate photocopies generation. Arranging answer sheets for aptitude test, selecting the relevant interview panel, refreshment and lunch arrangement.


On the drive day, welcoming the students on Campus – guiding them in registration process, giving pre-placement talk, Conducting aptitude test, evaluation of answer sheets and elimination of those who did not clear tests, conducting technical interview rounds and shortlisting of the candidates.

Throughout the interview process, coordination with students plays an important role. When the drive is conducted in collaboration with Training Institutes, it can be well taken care off and the company can focus solely on conducting interviews.

It is important to followup with shortlisted candidates and keep them informed of further processes. In our case, followup was required to call shortlisted candidates for machine test and final round with the CEO.
By following the above pointers, a flawless recruitment drive can be conducted.

Our experience on PVPPSCOE campus, in collaboration with Profound was truly a pleasant one. It resulted in us hiring 3 tech geeks!
In addition to fulfill recruitment needs, Recruitment Drives also helps organizations to build their company’s brand name.

On a closing note,
“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.”
– Renee West, Luxor and Excalibur Hotel.




























Our time: 4:01pm IST